Doris MacDougall

I am a Canadian Artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I studied at Capilano College, graduating in 1981 (Clay and Fibre). Since 1995 I have been a partner at Zebo Designs, a custom furniture finishing company located at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver. I have a studio at this location as well as at my home.

I have been painting since 1998. I combine clay, textile and finishing techniques and materials. Drawing has always been the core of my work whether it is ink on paper or drawing directly into wet paint. I often paint outdoors in the garden or when in the studio refer to photos taken while camping, hiking or biking. I focus on the little things like the grass, foliage, flowers.

My work refers to textile crafts, fabric fragments, quilts and floral forms. Both textiles and gardens have rich histories that go back to the beginnings of civilization, evolving from clothing, food and shelter to craft and art forms. I have studied and worked with a variety of textile mediums over the years and have also planted and tended gardens as well as studied and created floral designs. I enjoy gardening and viewing gardens. The plants in the garden or bouquets in the home have personal stories and histories much like the patterns and designs in fabric and quilts, reminders of the past. I go out into the garden to draw and paint throughout the year to record the constantly changing garden. My paintings are fragments of the garden, my surrounding, my history.